The Shapira Foundation invests energy and financial capital in ideas, organizations, programs and people that demonstrate strong returns on social impact. The Foundation is passionate about building an enduring commitment to Jewish life, Jewish learning and Israel for large numbers of young Jews. The Foundation also applies the same investment principals to social benefit projects outside of the Jewish non-profit sector.

Shapira Foundation investments:

  • Involve great leaders.

  • Promote data-informed organizational cultures and strong business practices that include planning for programmatic and financial scale.

  • Integrate comprehensive talent investments as critical strategy to creating lasting impact.

  • Are defined by assertive risk-taking and innovation.

  • Include entrepreneurship (new programs and businesses) and intrapreneurship (new ways of doing business in existing institutions).

  • Center around high-quality, transformational experiences.

  • Grow out of relationships that involve more than just money.

The Shapira family has for generations expressed Jewish values as stewards and champions for the Pittsburgh’s Jewish and general community.  The Foundation continues this legacy.

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